Circling the Sphere

Whatever may happen, must happen.

#NationalChickenWingDay Yup doing it big!  (at Logans on Beltline)
And now for a gaming break to eat…
Ha JK, I can multitask.
Woo-hoo lunch is ready! #CookingIsAwesome
Haha awkward dead pose, Suck it Forsworn! #SkyrimLife  (at Skyrim)
#SkyrimLife Killed him so fast he had no time to attack and his thralls were all dead (like really dead) out of their coffins.  Like a boss. (at Skyrim)
After work treat! :D (at Logans on Beltline)
Well that needed to be a said.
A job well done! :D
Chilling before work, Lite reading and coffee. (at Mercy Wine Bar)