Circling the Sphere

Whatever may happen, must happen.

Time for another installment of #DrunkenGamer for #WorldOfWarcraft  It’s Day three since Blizzard suckered me back with a free game. My DK is already at 86, just 4 more to level 90 and I have until September 17th to get it done. Let’s begin! :D This delicious Rhone white wine should help! (at Azeroth)

POUSSIN, NicolasHelios and Phaethon with Saturn and the Four Seasonsc. 1635Oil on canvas, 122 x 153 cmStaatliche Museen, Berlin


POUSSIN, Nicolas
Helios and Phaethon with Saturn and the Four Seasons
c. 1635
Oil on canvas, 122 x 153 cm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin

Thanks #PapaJohns from the  #DrunkenGamer
Instagram exclusive: Day 2 of grinding on #WorldOfWarcraft as a #DrunkenGamer wonder how many boxes I can stack up?
Tonight’s #DrunkenGamer is brought to you by #Shiner Marzen Style Octoberfest beer! When you gotta grind to level 90 in #WorldOfWarcraft completely shit faced.  :D  (at Azeroth)
I’ve had this guy for a while…Damn time to get him up in levels quick! #TimeToGrind #WorldOfWarcraft  (at Azeroth)
When I play long hours of intense PvP mayhem on the server; wishing that my raw passion for bloodshed could reach into the game and choke it. As my death knight reaches for his next victim,  I go with delicious Samuel Adams Octoberfest for my noob destroying malicious glory! Drink up bitches! ; ) #DrunkenGamer #WorldOfWarcraft #SamuelAdams    (at Azeroth)
Has it been so long? Oh what fun awaits.. (at Azeroth)
Just found out a friend and ex roommate died. Ricardo Hernandez this is for you, RIP.  (at Midway Icehouse)
!!!!! (at Azeroth)